25mg CBD Softgels, The New Technology!

Hemp Source CBD Softgels are the result of recent advancements in processing CBD that increase the bioavailability and absorption into your system.  The reason this is so exciting is because it allows our bodies to absorb a greater percentage of the CBD we consume.  Research shows that only 10% – 20% of the cannabinoids we consume penetrate our cells, thus the majority of CBD only remains in our bloodstream until the first pass through our liver, where it is metabolized (digested) and expelled from our bodies.

What this means to you is this: By taking a water-soluble CBD Softgels, your body is able to absorb 3-5 times more CBD, which means you also get a much better value on the same volume of CBD your consume.

The Importance of BIO-CBD (Bioavailability)

Bio-CBD technology starts with a complete extraction process of hemp stalks, leaves, and flowers, and isolates the CBD organically. Common CBD extraction processes do not enhance CBD’s solubility in water, where bio-CBD technology has the ability to take on any kind of ingredient, including CBD, and make it water soluble.

Bioavailability starts when nutrients move through the digestive system into the bloodstream. True bioavailability is the degree to which CBD becomes available to the target molecular site, which is typically inside the cell and not just inside the bloodstream.

BIO-CBD Benefits

  • Higher rate of absorption and quicker effects.
  • Stronger therapeutic effects.
  • Same effects from smaller doses.

Liposomal CBD (Softgels)

Liposomal technology (encapsulating supplements in a gel type membrane) is a technique that has been around for years, used to administer other supplements and drugs into the system. Liposomal however is brand new to CBD. Liposomal (softgels) involves enclosing individual CBD molecules inside liposomes, which facilitates their entry into the cell, similar to the way our body transports its own substances into and out of cells.

Advantages of Liposomal CBD Soft Gels

  • Encapsulates active ingredients and delivers them directly into the cell.
  • Reduces the breakdown of the nutrients (avoids first pass metabolism). 
  • Improves the percentage of bioavailable cannabinoids, as the full concentration can be absorbed.

Nano-Sized CBD

By Nano-Sizing CBD, it dramatically enlarges the absorbability. In general, with traditional CBD products on the market today, 80% or more of the CBD is considered unused because the body is unable to process it.  What happens is this: our cells can only absorb particles up to 50 nanometers (billionths of a meter) in diameter.  Because CBD is hydrophobic and fatty, it will bind with itself to a certain extent, creating chains of CBD that is unable to be absorbed by cells.

Nano-amplification of CBD and other cannabinoids separates them from each other.  Individually, cannabinoids are roughly 10-15 nanometers in diameter, according to research and lab studies. At this diameter, they can easily be absorbed by cells, meaning very little goes to waste.

The end result ensures our bodies can utilize virtually all of what you pay for!